December 2015 As part of the ongoing security improvements we were able to introduce new systems to businesses on the park, we would like to thank all those members who were able to assist with this addition. The quarterly crime stats a gained showed very little activity on the park , details added to the [...]

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December We have now installed new signage on the Pegasus Works estate in Roebuck Road , we would like to thank the landlords and the business owners for their assistance in this project. November On Thursday 13th November we held our Autumn Network event at the Cycle Centre in Forest Road. Our sponsors for this [...]

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December 2013 The 4th issue of our News letter was printed and sent out to all members, this issue was sponsored by RB Services of Unit 4 , 15-17 Roebuck Road. Articles included were, Xmas Quiz, Spotlight On “ Contact Roller Shutters” , information on Superfast Broadband offer to the members and articles on Health [...]

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October On Thursday 25th October the HBP autumn Breakfast Networking event was held at the Redbridge Cycle Centre in Forest Road which is a very popular venue for the HBP and its members. The event was again sponsored by Hills of Woodford / Toyota & Lexus under the leadership of Mr. Dave Bemment the Business [...]

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November Networking Breakfast Event Sponsored by Toyota Hills of Woodford Mr. David Bemment, Business Centre Manager. For the first time on the HBP one of our members Toyota Cars have sponsored an event, this was very well supported with around 70 people attending. David Bemment was able to bring along two cars to the event [...]

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December Several large Banners have been put up on members property to advertise and promote the BID Renewal in 2011, much thanks to those who have supported us with this promotion. Voting Period Feb 21st – March 21st 2011 “ Continue Our Success VOTE YES” BID Renewal Proposal Document 2011-2016 posted out to all members 17th [...]

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November New security fencing installed on premises in Roebuck Road, to replace old damaged one October Breakfast Networking Event - Working with our sponsor the Nat West Bank we held our annual Economic Breakfast meeting at Hainault Golf Club, on the 29th Oct, as usual the morning was well supported with over 50 persons attending. [...]

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November Fowler Road - New Walls We have replaced two damaged walls, with two new ones in Fowler Rd by the traffic lights,we thank the landlord concerned for his assistance with this project. Security Fencing - Fowler Road We have installed new security fencing on a property in Fowler Rd, we thank the business owner [...]

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November Business Breakfast Meeting and Networking event held at Hainault Golf Club for all business owners and our sponsors, this event was supported by the London Development Agency and Hainault Business Park Ltd . October Free Weekly Recycling of all paper and cardboard for Businesses on the Business Park. This service has been set up [...]

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December New Speed limits added - 20 30mph speeding signs on Lampposts on the Business Park and two 30 mph Roundels have been put on the road surface at the entrances in Fowler Rd & Roebuck Rd We now have a total of 9 sponsors. Another two CCTV Cameras ordered for January 2007 Installation. Hainault [...]

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