New Speed limits added – 20 30mph speeding signs on Lampposts on the Business Park and two 30 mph Roundels have been put on the road surface at the entrances in Fowler Rd & Roebuck Rd

We now have a total of 9 sponsors.
Another two CCTV Cameras ordered for January 2007 Installation.
Hainault Business Park Ltd calendar sent out to all businesses to help promote the web site and our sponsors.
Secom Plc become our TENTH Sponsor

Landscaping Improvement to the Acorn Centre entrance.
Links set up with Hainault Forest Community Association and Day Nursery.
Travel Survey carried with the LBR.
Sponsorship deal set up with M & K Cleaning Services for two years.

Yellow Lines introduced on certain corners to help with traffic safety

Employment Survey carried out on the Business Park, working with Gateway to London.
Work on improvements to the Stream in Peregrine Rd W. Robinsons & Sons Ltd make large financial contribution to its improvements.
Sponsor Deal to benefit all businesses – AON Commercial Focus Insurance Brokers link up with AXA Insurance to offer reduced insurance premiums for all members.

Keep Clear white lined areas marked out on business entrances.

By working with various departments of the LBR, we have reduced fly tipping, abandoned cars and general vandalism throughout the whole Business Park.

IT Person employed to assist with its development.

White Lines renewed throughout the Business Park.
Web Site in full operation.

BID Result – Yes Vote by the Businesses 85% in favour of BID.

Met Police High Visibility Day.

First Hainault Business Park Calendar produced by Business Link 4 London.
Lansing Linde Trucks agree 3 year sponsorship deal.