New security fencing installed on premises in Roebuck Road, to replace old damaged one

Breakfast Networking Event – Working with our sponsor the Nat West Bank we held our annual Economic Breakfast meeting at Hainault Golf Club, on the 29th Oct, as usual the morning was well supported with over 50 persons attending.

We were able to get Mr. Neil Parker an Economist from the NWB to make a presentation to the members,which was well received by all concerned with several questions relating to the current economic climate and what the future might hold.

Also attending from the Tax Office HMRC was Mr. Chris Seth & Mr. Sid Siddiqui , the presentation made by Chris was very informative and a link to their support line will soon be available on our web site.

The HBP would like to inform members that the HMRC are there to help YOU !!

If you require any information re Tax for companies etc please let us know and we will forward on their contact details.

We understand from various members and sponsors that new work and contacts were made, with strong possibilities of trading with each other.

Once again our thanks to Mr. Graham Johnson NWB

New signage in Peregrine Road and Fowler Road , we thank the landlords concerned for taking the opportunity to work with the HBP, and also thanks to our sponsors Windsor Signs who installed the 4 new signs on time.

We have been able to improve security at premises in Fowler Road this month with new fencing and gating, we thank the business owner for his time and financial assistance with this project.

Landscaping improvements in Fowler Rd at South Eastern Electrical, we thank the owner for his time and assistance with is this project.

FREE Health & Safety Course, gave the opportunity for our members to be brought up to date on current H&S legislation, we thank Mr. Robin Bradley of R. B. Services for organising this event.

For Health &Safety matters then please contact Robin Bradley on 0870 608 3223 re his companies services

FREE First Aid Appointed Person course was held, where 15 members passed the course and obtained a certificate valid for 3 years. We thank R.B. Services for arranging this event.

Nat West Bank agree new sponsorship deal – We are pleased to inform our members that Mr. Adrian Wood Senior Commercial Manager has confirmed that the Nat West are pleased to renew their sponsorship of the HBP.

Windsor Signs &Graphics – Last week the directors of Windsor Signs agreed to renew their sponsorship of the HBP for another year and a half.

Two ANPR cameras , car number plate recording cameras have been installed at two estates in Peregrine Road as part of our ongoing security programme.

Overgrown area at the end of Roebuck Road ,where pathway goes into Peregrine Road has been cleared and will be added to our regular maintenance work.

New security fencing installed and protection barrier repainted at properties in Roebuck Road.

New Security Fencing on two properties in Roebuck Road, we thank the business owners concerned for their time in working with the HBP on these projects.

Burnside Estate – New Palisade Security Fencing & Gating added to the estate. This project will help reduce fly tipping in that area.

A Business Networking Event was held at the Redbridge Cycle Centre on the 3rd July , a buffet lunch was provided and 10 businesses made a presentation to the members about their business and what services they have available. This was a successful event and very well suported by the business community.

Burnside Estate, Roebuck Road
New landscaping area in the entrance area.
Removal of rubbish from fly tipped area at the back of the estate.
Removal of a large amount of old damaged and broken pallets from a premises on the estate.
New wooden fencing installed across the end of the estate to improve the area and cover up an old black metal fencing which was in a very poor condition. Another area regenerated by working with the business owners.

Fowler Road
New wall built outside a premises to replace the old and damaged one, we thank the business owners for their support in making this improvement possible. Many business owners are now commenting on the regeneration work we are able to carry out, and the visual difference it is making to the whole Business Park.

Roebuck Road, Units rear of 41-43
After making a landscaping improvement to one area last we have now been able to improve the areas either end with a shingle covering.

Free First Aid Training Course for members, this was held on the 15th May at the Redbridge Cycle Centre, 16 members attended the course

New Security Gates fitted to premises in Fowler Road, we thank the business owner for taking the opportunity to work with HBP Ltd in making this improvement.

New walls built on premises in Roebuck Road, as part of our Regeneration Programme, we thank the landlord and business owner for working with us on this project.

We have have been able to replace two old walls at different properties in Fowler Road, thanks to the business owners concerned with this improvement.

New planting in brickwork pillars outside a business in Roebuck Road.

Due to the clearance of an overgrown area at a property in Fowler Road, we have been able to install some new green fencing, also re landscape the area with new brick edging, slate covering and planting.

This is another visual improvement to the Business Park, which people are commenting on.

By working with landlords and business owners we have been able to replace old and damaged walls in Fowler Road outside two properties.

During the last week of March we completed another new landscaping project at premises in Fowler Road, we thank the directors of the company for their support with this project.

Included, green fencing, brickwork edging to the newly planted area with a slate covering. As part of this project the owner has painted the front of the property, installed new double glazed windows, added a new company sign , refurbished the entrance doors and added new yellow entrance barriers.

This has made a major change to the overall look of the property, pictures will be on the web site in the near future.
With financial support from Groundwork East London we have been able to plant 4 new trees at two different businesses in Peregrine Road, we also thank the businesses concerned for their support with this project.

FREE Manual Handling Training Course set up, this two hour course was well supported by the businesses on the HBP and we are hoping to be able to offer another course later this year.
Course provider – PIP Professional Training Services.

By working with the relevant council officers and their departments we have been able to introduce some new traffic calming measures to various roads and junctions on the Business Park – Red Road Surfaces, new markings and 30mph roundels, a safety improvement to remind everyone of the speed limit for this area.

As part of our current Free Training Offers to businesses and their employees we set up a First Aid Appointed Persons course where 16 members attended a training day at the new Redbridge Cycling Centre in Forest Rd, this was run by Associated First Aid Training and was funded by the LDA.

By working with a business owner in Fowler Rd we have been able to improve the fencing at the front of his property, we thank the owner for his time and support with this project, pictures will be on the Gallery in due course.

During this month we have installed a ANPR camera to properties in Fowler Rd, we thank the company concerned for their assistance with this security improvement

By working with property and business owners in Fowler Rd we have been able to re build one missing wall and replace a old and damaged wall at the front of the premises, we thank the owner for his time and assistance in making this project possible.

Pictures will be on the picture gallery very soon

We have been able to install CCTV/ ANPR camera systems to the entrance to the Burnside Estate in Roebuck Rd this has been made possible with the help of our LDA funding programme

Road Safety Improvement

As part of our ongoing improvements programme the local authority agreed to install some concrete bollards on the corner on Beaver Rd & Fowler Rd.

This action will improve the vision of drivers trying to turn out of Beaver Rd into Fowler Rd