Improving the Security and environment of the Business Park is a high priority of the BID Management

Since the formation of HBP, the improvements to the area are easy to be seen, the area is no longer a dumping ground for waste, CCTV is in all areas ensuring security is paramount, ANPR Cameras log vehicle activity and more recently the introduction of SmartWater technology, providing this forensic product will help in reducing and deterring criminal activity in the area. We believe HBP is the safest Business Park in the country.

Improvements are not exclusively on security and the local area, HBP has provided over 300 training places for First Aid, training which is free for members and their staff. Other courses includes training for Fire Wardens, Manual Handling CPC Training for drivers, giving the opportunity for companies with drivers to achieve the required 35 hours of CPC training for free before it became legislation in 2014. HBP will continue to provide variety of training which of course, will be free for members.

HBP Management is continually investigating new ways to improve the Business Park.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2024

April 2024

The production of creating new updated and fresh new look signage was completed. We are pleased to unveil the finished signage, which we think you will all agree are a great improvement on the older, tired looking signage that has been on the entrances of the Business Park for quite a number of years.

The updated design to incorporate a fresh new look, clearer road names and warnings, including a QR code link to the website was supplied by our local graphic design company AlwaysInspired – and the ground works and production of the signs was supplied by our local signage company SignTec Ltd. We thank these local companies for their advice and professional supply of the new signage.

January 2024

During January we landscaped and removed various overgrown weeds etc from areas within the park. We also installed a large metal cage for Cardboard to be collected from in Roebuck Road to assist businesses with their recycling , we have put the cage in place to help stop fly tipping in that area, so far so good.

February 2024

In February we held First Aid Courses for members.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2023

October 2023

This month we have held another First Aid training day for members , please check the web site for any future FREE training offers to members.  DEFIB Training 21st  November 2023.

Also this month we have improved the White road markings throughout the Park including the “Keep Clear” to entrances  and added some new Yellow Hatching” NO Parking “at the entrance of the Acorn Centre in Roebuck Road.

The Network Event on the 19th Oct was very well supported we had a full venue.

Mr. Matthew Bell of Bell ICT made a very informative presentation regarding “Cyber Crime Prevention”. Cyber Crime has become a major issue for businesses throughout the UK.

We were very fortunate that our local MP Wes Streeting was able to attend. Wes has been very supportive in recent times and has been able to assist us with various issues, he made gave a very informative speech on the current situations the Government are facing along with issues that many businesses across the country have had to deal with regarding Brexit, Covid and the current economic downturn.

Our new caterer seemed to be very successful with several guests being impressed with the service and food.

We would like to thank all the businesses who made their presentations and hopefully new business contacts have been made.

CONGRATULATIONS to the owners of GB Skips who won the first prize in our raffle sponsored by TIME RADIO FM  who now have a two month radio advert on 4 times a day !!

Finally, we would like to thank our SPONSOR for the event Fortuous Accountants in Roebuck Road Mr. Khyam Chudhry.

August & Sept 2023  – October 2023

We completed various FREE training courses for members , we will review the courses and send out emails informing you on further opportunities to train your staff.

Please note that we have a Defibrillator training day on the 21st November please book a place by contacting us ASAP.

During September we have installed a metal cage at a property in Roebuck Road , this is to be used for the storage of cardboard and paper that we have collected on a weekly basis.

This action has been carried out to hopefully stop people fly tipping on the property.

We have also added 3 new Fly Tipping signs around the Park warning people of possible prosecution and fines by the Council .  CCTV in operation .

In September we added a further 3 Defibrillators to the Park , we now have 19 in place 4 of which are 24/7 access . We have produced a new map which has been sent out either by hand or in the post , it is also available to download on the HBP web site , or email the office and we can drop one of to you.

We have instructed our contractor to renew all of the “Keep clear “  markings on the road and also to re paint the Speed Humps , this should be done in October weather permitting.

June & July 2023

The HBP have been able to offer various training courses for members and their staff during June and July , these courses are FREE.

There are 3 more courses on July 12th    Manual Handling  20th   Fire Safety      &  27th   Working at Height  – all on the park

In June we emailed out our News Letter to all of those businesses who are registered on the Web Site Business Directory  –  Please note if you are NOT registered then your business will not receive this information so please fill in the form on the Business Directory page and email it to us.

Information is on the web site so please check your site on a regular basis.

ULEZ  Cameras have been installed in the Park to monitor the traffic and check on vehicle status re the daily charge required to travel in the zone.

We are please to announce that we are holding a Network Work Event on Thursday  October 19th at the Redbridge Cycle Centre in Forest Road at 8am to 10am , please come along and give yourself a chance to meet old friends and new ones.

Please book your place !!   Email the HBP Office

March 2023

Through our recent meetings with the Fire Commander for the Hainault Area and the Council Officers we have now had all of the Fire Hydrants on the park Yellow Hatched as a NO PARKING Areas.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2022

February 2022

The HBP  were able to arrange  two FREE  Defibrillator Training  opportunities for members and their staff , these were held at RB Services on the Acorn Centre.

March 2022

First Aid Training for members and employees held at RB Services.

Fire Warden Training set up to assist businesses in meeting the requirements of general Health & Safety safe systems of work .

New installation of HD CCTV Cameras to replace and upgrade the old systems on 2 sites , further improvements are due later this year.

June 2022

We have installed a further 3 new Defibrillators in various businesses in Fowler Road and Roebuck Road.
We will be sending out a new map of all of the sites in the near future. You will be able to download the map as well in July.

During June we have arranged Free training for business owners and their employees in the following sections
as part of the Health and Safety requirements for businesses.

  • First Aid
  • Fire Warden
  • Manual Handling
    These were well supported please check our web site , our emails to you and the Mobile App for future details.

September 2022

The BID Company were able to arrange some FREE training for members and their staff during September , the training was held at RB Services on the Acorn Estate.

We held two sessions for Fire Warden Training and also 2 sessions for Defibrillator Training. Please check your Web Site and Mobile App for future training opportunities. These are FREE to members of Hainault Business Park.

December 2022

We arranged to have all the kerb side drains cleaned out by the Council in all roads.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2021

April  2021 

As things improve in regards to the Covid situation the HBP will endeavour to reintroduce some of the regular training opportunities for members and their staff.

May 2021

We have been able to install a new HD CCTV system to  replace the old analogue  one  with  2 additional  new cameras for added security on the park.

May 2021

Through our Health & Safety Trainers on the Park  ,   RB Services  we have been able to put on 2 courses this month for First Aid & Fire Warden Training

June 2021

In the Spring News Letter we are offering a couple of dates for additional First Aid Training  for employees and members , please reply to Jacqi at RB Services for details , letters and emails have been sent out recently.

June 2021 

On  the 7th June it was reported that major disruption on the roads in the Hogg Hill area near Hainault Golf Club was having a massive impact on road users, the traffic was backing up for miles in all areas and causing congestion as far back as Abridge.

The Business Park Manager received several calls as staff were unable to get to work on time  and the general public were unable to attend the two local cemeteries for funerals. The temporary  traffic light system put in place was  set up incorrectly re its timings.

On contacting the LBR Highways Dept we were able to get a Highways Inspector from the Council to the site, it appears that damage had been caused to a power cable, UK Power are undertaking the work. A full apology has been received from the LBR for the inconvenience caused to all concerned, we are due a full update on the 8th June, UK Power appear to be responsible for the causing the issues.

Fly Tipping in Roebuck Road  –  CCTV and ANPR  information provided  allowed the company responsible to be fined by the local authority.

New installation of HD  CCTV in Roebuck Road , this is part of our programme of updating and improving the security for businesses.

July 2021

First Aid Training, held on 3 dates in  June and July for members and their employees. Very well supported as usual.

Fire Warden Training will be held on 2 dates this month for members and their staff , please ensure that you are on our data base to get the offers by email  for FREE training.

All road markings renewed by the Council in Beaver Road, Fowler Road, Roebuck Road and Peregrine Road.
“Keep Clear”  ,    “ Speed Humps”   and at major Junctions  on all roads

Free Fire Warden Training has also been organised through our chosen  training company RB Services on two days this month for members and their staff .

Sept 2021

Working in Partnership with the local authority we have now had the Yellow Lines renewed across the park.

Also due to traffic issues and parking problems the Council have introduced Double Yellow Lines into Forest Road .

Mental Health at Work  Training for members took place this month at RB Services , this was FREE for members and their staff, other dates will be available later this year.

Oct 2021

FREE Mental Health Training  held at RB Services for members , we hope to hold another course in the new Year along with other training courses.
Please check your emails and the HBP web site for details .

During this month we have helped 4  members with CCTV Evidence on 4 individual incidents where their vehicles were damaged by other vehicles but not reported ,  the ANPR system and CCTV Cameras successfully provided the owners with proof of the other  vehicles involved.


Improvements/events that have taken place in 2020

February 2020

Network Event  /  Re BID Ballot  2021 –  Mental Health at Work –

The members who attended were informed of the BID Boards decision to go forward with a new BID Ballot for a new 5 year BID  term in early 2021 . 

All members have  been sent a letter informing them of this decision earlier in February  and further up dates would be sent out as the BID Company progress with their work in the next 12 months.

Also that they would be receiving a Questionnaire which would be required  to obtain an overall view of the businesses , this is going out by post and will also be on the HBP Web Site in due course.

Anita August our guest speaker on Mental Health at Work  gave a very informative presentation and at a time when this subject is very prominent in the press etc

We were able to offer a FREE training on a  certificated course for those members who attended .

Simon Croft form MotorAid Ltd  informed the guests of his companies new Car Leasing  company and how it could benefit the members here.

Darren Taylor of AlwaysInspired  informed the guests of his companies services with IT Support, Web Site design and general design and printing of various types.

The members were informed by the Chairman that we are now  producing a new BID Proposal Document for 2021 -2026  later this year and  are offering the members the opportunity to advertise in the new Document. 

Further details are available from the Chairman or the HBP Manager

March 2020

FREE First Aid training courses were held this month at RB Services on the Acorn Centre  for employers and employees and were well supported, hopefully more courses will be available later this year.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2019

January 2019

Chinese Business men and women and local government officials visit Hainault Business Park Ltd

Through our contact with the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce  –  Mr. Geoff Hill, we were asked to host a meeting for the Neijiang Municipal Government & Enterprise Delegation, 18 representatives arrived from China  on Friday 11th January to meet members who are manufactures in the Automotive Industry.

The two hour meeting went well and at least one company from the park has had a major interest from our visitors so we now await the outcome. We would like to thank representatives from Sleek Ltd in Fowler Road for providing us with  two Chinese  translators to assist the meeting progress in a professional manner.

March 2019

We had a good response to the new monthly quiz   /   Winners at   Fix Auto , DP Catering and Starna Scientific   in the first quarter .

April 2019

Over the last 6 weeks the council contractors have been installing Speed Calming measures on the roads across the park.

To ensure that the businesses here were affected as little as possible it was agreed with the LBR and the works manager that it would be carried out at weekends.  

New speed restrictions have also been introductions throughout the park , the new speed limit for vehicles is now 20 mph.

There has also been new and renewed  white Keep Clear  lines added in some roads outside businesses.

The yellow lines have also been renewed on the park in some roads.

Several abandoned cars in  a car park area  in Fowler Road  / Roebuck Road  have been removed with the assistance of the Landlord.

April News Letter has been posted out to all members.

May 2019

We held 2 days of CPC Training for Drivers, various companies attended this again was organised by RB Services Health & Safety Advisors.

We were asked by several companies on the park to arrange  another Defibrillator Training  Course  ,we had already held 5 sessions for the members and their staff earlier this year. This was organised through our contacts at London Hearts and the LBR re our  installation of the Defibrillators at the 4  main entrances, the training was given FREE as part of discussions with the local authority , another saving for the businesses.

July 2019

 The 12  main street CCTV cameras have all been up graded to HD Digital  , this work has been carried out by the local authority on our behalf.  This installation has made a big improvement to the quality of the footage being recorded across the park .

We have now updated an estate on the park with new HD Digital Camera system this is part of an ongoing programme within the park.

August 2019

After general discussions with the council  they have now installed 8 new  HD Digital  static cameras  positioned around the park , also one new main HD camera in Peregrine Road.

October 2019

We have held two First Aid courses this month to assist members.

We have sent out an updated   map of the Defibrillator  positions to all members if you have not received one please contact the main office.


Improvements/events that have taken place in 2018

Feb – Anti Terrorism Awareness Course – Project Griffin 2018

Feb – Newsletter 2018

Feb – New concrete bollards installed on the pavement near the entrances to businesses in Fowler Road to help keep entrance clear for deliveries

March – New CCTV in Fowler Road to assist current street cameras 2018

April – First Aid 2 courses 2018

April – Manual Handling 2018

May – First Aid 2018

September – First Aid Course held  10 employees attended , we will be holding other courses so please check your web site and emails for forthcoming dates.

September – Hills of Woodford  – Toyota and Lexus agree to sponsor our next Network Event on Thursday 29th November at the Redbridge Cycle Centre
Invites being sent out asap, please book your place.

October 2018 – New road markings and Keep Clear areas renewed across the park by the LBR .

October 2018 – London Fire Brigade Officers attend a meeting at our offices to let us know that they will be visiting businesses over the next few months to assist members in brining their premises up to date with any new regulations that might affect them.

October 2018 – We have continued the contract with TIME  Radio   107.5 FM to the end of the year , and the HBP Ltd advert can be heard 4 times a day as it has been successful in promoting the park in recent times.

October  –  First Aid  Training  for members and employees  – full.

November –  2 courses arranged for Fire Warden Training  for employers and staff – full

November – 3 Courses arranged for Defibrillator Training  as HBP start to introduce Defibrillators  across the park

November 29th  Network Event sponsored by Hills of Woodford Toyota & Lexus  – Well supported event with speakers from UK Export & Finance  Government Dept :  SPACE  – Sycamore Trust  giving the opportunity to  young people with Autism into work  –  Glyn Hopkin Charitable Foundation –  Work Redbridge re Recruitment for Business   – Apprenticeships etc.

Towergate Insurance  advising members how important Cyber Insurance is re the recent new GDPR regulations and why so many business across the UK are being hacked etc.

LBR  Information on the new initiative being brought into the park re Defibrillators  –  HBP are installing 6  inside units and the local authority are supplying 4 to be installed externally early  in the New  Year.

A visit from the Redbridge Mayoress  to our event , speaking to members re her chosen charity for her year of office  ELHAP  – “ Every Life Has  A Purpose”  

A further presentation about there work from the manager Rachel Joseph  and how difficult it is to find financial support from the council as the budget cuts have reduce their funding.

Over 600 youngsters go through their doors every year with over a 100 on the waiting list.

A good positive response from the HBP members !!

December – 2 Courses extra courses were made available for members on Defibrillator Training  ALL FREE

December  –  Defibrillators installed across the park as a new initiative with 6 fitted into business reception areas with more to follow in the New Year . All members will receive a map indicating their positions.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2017

January 2017

Hainault Business Park move to new offices in Fowler Road to have a more centralised position on the park. The new office furniture has been sponsored by Unique Office Solutions  , please contact Mr. Mike Bullman should you be considering making any new changes to your offices.

We are also pleased to announce that Unique will be sponsoring the park during the next 3 years and we look forward to working with them.

Please note that Unique are also sponsoring our spring Network Work event on Thursday 20th April. Please do you best to attend and support our first event of the year.

January 2017

We are pleased to announce that Kemsley Property Consultants have agreed to continue their sponsorship of the HBP for a further 3 years, many thanks to Mr. Colin Herman & Mr. Ben Collins for their financial support.

Should you be looking for new units or office space please give them a call details on the sponsors page:

February 2017

We would like to thank the Gardens of Peace for their financial donation towards the HBP Ltd projects and improvements during the year ahead, thanks again to the directors and board members for the generosity .

March 17

Nat West Bank agree to sponsor the monthly quiz for another year , details on the quiz are on the HBP web site, please find the time to enter , and a chance of winning a Oyster Card.

In March we arranged for business to attend a FREE Manual Handling course.

April 17

April 20th Network Event sponsored by Unique Office Solutions – Mr. Mike Bullman and his team – Guest speaker from FALCON – Scotland Yard – Re Cyber Crime Protection / 2nd November Network Event sponsored by RB Services – Mr. Robin Bradley – Guest speaker from the London Digital Crime Centre re the new GDPR regulations and how it will effect all businesses here and in the UK from May 2018.

Also we were able to have a member of the Met Police Anti- Terrorist Team address the members and guests on reporting suspicious items or activity “ If you suspect it -Report it”

Both of these meetings were well supported by our sponsors and members and were both held Fairlop Waters , The Lakeside Suite .

May 17

CPC Training for drivers were held in May and October. – “Competent Persons Certificate” which drivers of all larger vehicles needs to have to operate legally on all roads in the UK.

In May the council brought in new parking restrictions on overnight parking on the pavement , this was well supported by the members as it has helped in removing cars that were being left here for months .

Also Yellow lines were introduced in another two roads on the park to help reduce ongoing congestions – London Borough of Redbridge

June 17

Three First Aid Courses were provided for members and their staff in June and September all full !

September 17

In September after the success of the presentation in April we were able to provide a FREE Cyber Crime Protection course for members , this training was arranged through our contact with FALCON Serious Crime Squad and the London Digital Crime Centre.

October 17

In October we were visited by the local Fire Officers re the recent large fire in Tottenham , where an industrial estate was burnt to the ground.

They informed us that they would be making visits to various businesses on the Park in the months ahead to ensure that Hainault Business Park is as safe as possible and to help with advice in reducing any fire risks to their property and the Park !!

November 17

We also put on 2 Fire Warden Training Courses in November again well supported – FREE to members.

During the autumn the LBR Parking Management Team installed several large bollards onto the pavement at the entrances to properties to again help businesses with deliveries and for them to gain an easier access to and from their business , we thank the LBR team for assisting us and the business owners.

Improvements/events that have taken place in 2016

November 2016
Launch of Smartwater the forensic liquid that can be used to protect all kinds of business assets including IT and electrical equipment , mobile phones and expensive tools.

April 2016
Due to the success of the BID Renewal Ballot in March we arranged two dates in April for FREE First Aid Training for members and their staff , the two dates were quickly taken up , and we are hoping to offer some new dates in the near future , please check the web site for details.

February 2016
February 18th Network Breakfast Event Sponsored by South Eastern Electrical PLC

The directors of HBP Ltd were very pleased to be able to introduce SEE as our main sponsor for the Network Event, it was very well supported with over 65 members and guests attending , standing room only.

Mr. Chris Harding Director of Business Development gave a very good talk about SEE and how it started and how the company has developed in recent years , also thanks to Mr. Neil Davey CEO of SEE, who also attended.

Various other members made presentations about their businesses.

Also we invited back an officer form the City of London Fraud Squad who attended in November , who again gave a talk on Cyber & Internet Crime and how it is affecting businesses across the UK, all very informative.

The next event is in November on Thursday 17th at the Cycle Centre , check the web site for more details .

January/February 2016
We have held 3 days of First Aid training for members and their staff, these are FREE to members , so please check the HBP web site for details as we hope to add more dates for training during this year. They do get booked up very quickly !!