Fowler Road – New Walls
We have replaced two damaged walls, with two new ones in Fowler Rd by the traffic lights,we thank the landlord concerned for his assistance with this project.
Security Fencing – Fowler Road
We have installed new security fencing on a property in Fowler Rd, we thank the business owner concerned for his financial assistance with this project.

30th Oct Networking Event – Economic Breakfast meeting held at Hainault Golf Club, was very well supported by the HBP members, the presentation made by Economist Mr. Neil Parker , Nat West Bank ,was very well received with plenty of questions from the businesses who are concerned about the current economic situation in the UK . We thank the London Development Agency & the Nat West Bank for the support in putting this event on.

New Sponsor
We are pleased to announce that Energy Centric an independant Energy Broker has become a new sponsor of the HBP, Mr. Paul Lomas and Mr.Paul Antoniades are able to offer the members free of charge assistance in saving money on their energy bills.
Further information is available on the Home and Sponsor page on our web site.

We are very pleased to announce that Towergate Risk Solutions Sevenoaks have agreed to sponsor the HBP for the next two years, contact details are available on the Sponsors pages on our web site. Please contact Mr. Peter LeBreton if you require his professional services.

In Fowler Road improvements have been carried out on two properties, by working with the business owners we have been able to improve the entrance area to both properties with new brickwork, we thank the companies concerned for their assistance with these projects.

We have now cleared a further 4 areas of over grown weeds and carried out spraying as part of our current garden maintenance programme.

By working with the landlord of properties in Roebuck Rd we have been able to improve the security of his tenants by installing new gating and palisade security fencing, this has made a big visual improvement to this particular property , thanks to the landlord concerned for his financial assistance with this project.

New signage has been installed by our sponsor Windsor Signs & Graphics in Roebuck Road, we would like to thank the business owner concerned for taking the opportunity to work with the HBP on this improvement.

The HBP have engaged the services of a Garden Maintenance company to look after all those areas that we have carried out landscaping improvements on in recent times. Fortnightly visits will be made until the end of October and then reviewed re a yearly contract.

The installation of new security fencing at the rear of two properties in Roebuck Road, we thank the landlords and businesses for their time and financial assistance with these projects and in making these particular areas more secure for all concerned.

Road markings renewed by the LBR council staff

Units at 15-17 Roebuck Road
We have been able to improve security on this small estate within the HBP by firstly clearing all the fly tipping at the rear of the property and then installing new palisade fencing right across the back

Also we were able to install new gates on each side entrance, we thank the businesses for their support with this project.

Regeneration Work – New brick wall in Fowler Road
By working with business owners the HBP were able to assist with the building of this new boundary wall, making a big visual improvement to the property and the Business Park.

New Security Fencing added to properties in Roebuck Road

Two Free “One Day First Aid Appointed Persons Courses” , allowing 24 business owners / employees certificated training for a 3 year period

CCTV Cameras
Two new cameras have been installed at the end of March, one in Fowler Rd near Jade Furniture and the other one in Forest Rd outside the new units. These have been added to our current monitoring
At the Cromwell Centre a series of CCTV Surveillance cameras have been installed to cover all businesses and both entrances.
At each entrance to the Cromwell Centre we have installed 2 Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Cameras.
This system will allow each businesses to log into the camera system from their own personal computers to view their premises.

Security Fencing – Peregrine Rd
New green metal fencing has been installed in the residential area of Peregrine Road, this work has been carried out by the London Borough of Redbridge ” The Hainault Project” , which the HBP has been working with during the last 6 months. The new fence which backs onto the Business Park is another security improvement which will help reduce anti social , vandalism and fly tipping in this area.

We thank the LBR for its financial support with this on going project work

Landscaping completed in 3 areas at the front of Roebuck Mews in Roebuck Road.
New Security Fencing installed at the front and gate post repaired – Roebuck Mews
New Security Fencing installed across the rear of the Roebuck Mews premises
Cromwell Centre : New Security Fencing installed at the end of Roebuck Road.
New Palisade Gate fitted at the front of the Cromwell Centre.
New security Gates fitted on the Acorn Centre