December 2015
As part of the ongoing security improvements we were able to introduce new systems to businesses on the park, we would like to thank all those members who were able to assist with this addition.

The quarterly crime stats a gained showed very little activity on the park , details added to the web site.

November 2015
On the 5th November we held our autumn Network event at the cycle centre in Forest Rd, the event was sponsored by Hills of Woodford – Toyota / Lexus, we had around 60 people attend.

We were fortunate to have the Deputy Manager for the City of London Fraud Squad attend and make a presentation to the members and guest re Cyber & Internet Crime.
The information he was able to give everyone was indeed very well received , and some members did say that they had been involved with this type of crime.

It is important that every company here should put in place the correct up to date protection on their computers and internet. This type of crime it affecting so many businesses around the UK every day, we know that some members here have suffered from this type of criminal activity in recent times.

We are now currently employing our regular maintenance contractor to go all over the Park and clear any excess rubbish and cut down any oversized bushes etc to improve the look in these areas.

At the present time we still have a lot to do but if the weather is ok as we progress we are hoping that the work will be completed by the end of November.

The council have cleared a large amount of weeds from the Fowler Road pavements , we are now monitoring this and should it need doing again then we will ask the LBR to clear the areas involved.

Two new signs were fitted to properties in Fowler Road , we thank the Landlord for his assistance in this new project, all current company names at both of these sites are now listed on these double sided signs.

General updates on new company names were also made in the following weeks at various other signs around the park as part of our continued programme of improvements.

First Aid courses were offered to members and became full very quickly, and we are now looking at offering members Health & Safety advice, Fire Warden and Manual Handling training for their staff later this year, please check the web site for details.

The first quarters crime statistics , which are on the web site show very little issues being recorded over the 3 month period, this has been the case now for the last year after the introduction of the ANPR system backed up by the surveillance CCTV systems we have in place around the park.

The council introduced Yellow Lines and Parking restrictions into part of the business park to ease continued traffic congestion caused by cars being left in the main road all day.

The response from business owners has been good as they can see the benefits this action has made.

We arranged two days of First Aid training for members, 24 employees attended and received their certification through RB Services.

Network Event held at the Cycle Centre was well supported and we were pleased to have the event sponsored by Darren Bartlett of Unique Network Solutions who offered the members information on Cyber Crime and how it can affect your business.