Networking Breakfast Event
Sponsored by Toyota Hills of Woodford Mr. David Bemment, Business Centre Manager.
For the first time on the HBP one of our members Toyota Cars have sponsored an event, this was very well supported with around 70 people attending.

David Bemment was able to bring along two cars to the event , a Prius Hybrid and also a Lexus CT 200 Hybrid, some of the members took advantage of the situation and had test drives.

Generally David told us that the Networking event had been very successful for his company and he would like to sponsor another one in the autumn next year.

About a dozen businesses made brief presentations at the event, along with the Met Police Borough Commander Sue Williams , and David Silvey from TFL, who brought attending members up to date with the proposed road closures etc re the Olympics next summer, information on this can be found on the HBP web site Home Page.
We are expecting on-going information from TFL as the Olympics get nearer.

Sarah Swalheim LBR – introduced 3 more companies that had been awarded the LBR “ Green Business Awards” they were:
Bronze – STG Press
Silver – Starna Scientific & Hynedale/Noble Sleek
Very well done to those companies and if you want to know more about these awards then please contact Sarah, the details are also available on our web site.
Also we would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our sponsors who attended and made presentations, their support and financial assistance has been vital.

New Sponsorship – Kemsley Property Consultants Mr. Colin Herman Director
We are pleased to announce that Kemsley PC have agreed a two deal to become one of our sponsors, this is great news for the HBP to have such a high profile and well established professional company joining us as a sponsor. They offer a complete service in their property portfolio and the board look forward to working with them in the months ahead.
Colin made a brief presentation at the Network meeting and was very impressed in the way the event was run and the general response from those attending.

In October we were able to offer two FREE First Aid courses for members, these were one day appointed persons training, as usual the list of names booking places was taken up very quickly.
We will be putting on another course in the new year.

CPC Driver Training
This month we run part four of our CPC drivers training for members, these courses which are held on the HBP, and organised by RB Services in Roebuck Road have been very helpful to those business owners who’s staff need to obtain the new driving certification for certain heavy goods vehicles.
Regulations change in January 2014, we are being proactive and getting those who need this training completed well in advance to assist our members.
We are hoping to hold the final part of the required 35 hours of training in the spring, and will be setting a date early in the new year, if you want to know more then please contact the office.

Fujichem Sonneborn – Peregrine Road
We wish to thank the new owners for the installation of new security fencing on one side of their property, and what a difference it has made not only visually but also providing added security to the property.

The Breakfast Networking Event held on the 25th August and was very well supported by the members and our sponsors, 16 presentations were made by members about their businesses and what they have to offer the Business Park re inter- company trading.
This event was sponsored by Lombard Asset Finance, who were impressed with the event and are thinking of sponsoring the HBP in the near future, we thank them for their time and interest in becoming one of our sponsors.
Due to the very successful morning Mr. Dave Bemment from Hills of Woodford/Toyota have agreed to sponsor our next event on the 24th November at the Redbridge Cycle Centre, more details will be sent out shortly and will also be added to the HBP web site.
If you have not attend an event and would like to make a presentation or just Network with other members then please contact us as the last 2 events have been full with 60 plus attending.
Someone always picks up a job or a contact for the future which normally ends in a business deal.

London Borough of Redbridge “Green Business Awards” August 2011
The following companies received awards from Cllr. S. Patel Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety.
Gold : RGE Services
Silver : RB Services
Bronze : Lovelock & Taylour Ltd, Motor Aid Ltd, Starna Scientific Ltd, Hynedale/Noble Sleek, Lodge Group Care UK
If you would like more information about the “Environmental Awards” then please check our web site for details or contact Sarah Swalheim LBR Environmental Partnership Officer.

New property number signage has been added to 9 buildings on HBP

New monthly quiz sponsored by Adrian Wood Nat West Bank – open to members and employees , check Home Page for details.

Lombard Finance agree to help sponsor August 25th Breakfast Networking Event for members.

Red Road Surface renewed on the junction with Fowler Rd & Roebuck Road , plus yellow lines on the corners to improve visibility

White Road markings and “Keep Clear “ markings renewed on Fowler Road & Roebuck Road – Yellow Lines also renewed on the corners and the LBR have added new double yellow lines at the entrance to the “Acorn Centre” and on the T/ Junction at Fowler Rd & Roebuck Rd to improve safety.

Roebuck Road – Grass area at the end of the road cleared and grass cut back

Free First Aid Courses for Members – HBP held two one day Appointed Person Courses , the places on offer were very quickly taken up by the members. We hope to do some more later in the year, check the Home Page for future information.

We have installed a new CCTV system for businesses in Roebuck Road, we would like to thank the Land lord of the property for working with the BID company to make this security improvement which will benefit several business owners and also add to the overall security improvements to the Business Park.

After the result of the BID Re Ballot in March this year , in which an overwhelming 95% of votes cast were in favour of another 5 year term , the Business Parks sponsors listed below have agreed to continue their support during the next financial year.

Nat West Bank – Mullis & Peake Solicitors – Job Centre Plus – SECOM PLC – BT Local Business – Towergate Risk Solutions Insurance

New security gates fitted to premises in Fowler Road, we would like to thank the business owner for taking the opportunity to work with the HBP.

In Roebuck Road we have added additional CCTV Cameras to protect properties.

Ten more businesses add their company details to the web site banner advertising scrolling unit – This is a FREE service to members – Are your company details on there yet ??

Breakfast Networking Event @ Redbridge Cycle Centre Forest Road
This event was very well supported with over 70 attending, we were also visited by a group of East African Lady Entrepreneur’s representing over 40,000 SME from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Ethiopia , they were keen to visit a Business Improvement District and through SACOMA who were hosting there visit to London they chose HBP.

They were all very much impressed with our Networking event, and unbeknown to us arrived with a cameraman to record the meeting, this helps promote the HBP and as you may know we had 3 visits from Dutch business men and women in 2008, all good news for Hainault and the London Borough of Redbridge.

The presentations by our members went very well and we had some encouraging reports of inter – company trading, and that is what these events are all about.

The BID Board would like to thank all of our sponsors who attended the meeting and have given their valuable time during our campaign for a second BID Term – 2011-2016

New CCTV installation at premises in Roebuck Road has help improve security for a group of businesses, we would like to thank our members for their assistance with this new system.

Also with this project we have been able to add ANPR cameras at each entrance.