CCTV & ANPR Systems

Reporting of Incidents

Please ensure that when reporting crime to the Police A Crime Number is issued to you or your staff. This will ensure that any evidence the CCTV and ANPR systems hold can be
downloaded and collected by the Police and used as evidence.

1) Remember: All Crime must be Reported

2) Under the DATA Protection Act information cannot be passed to you from the London Borough of Redbridge CCTV Control staff, as it will be in breach of the Act.

3) The Met Police will follow up any reports and liaise with the LBR CCTV Unit to gain access to the recordings.

4) Please remember the CCTV Control centre is NOT a Police Station:

5) Should any member of the Hainault Business Park need to urgently contact the CCTV control unit to report an incident that is happening at the time i.e. crime is being committed,appears to be about to be committed or there is suspicious activity actually taking place, then the following number can be used

Tel – 020 8500 0132

6) The cameras which are now in place around the Park are in place to gain evidence by recording daily images , but it is only the Met Police that can gain access to those recordings and this can only be done if you Report the Crime.

7) The ANPR system will record vehicles entering the Park through any of the main entrances and also record vehicles when leaving the Park. It would be essential to inform the Met Police of this facility should a vehicle be involved with the crime.



CCTV Crime Statistics

January 2017 Quarterly Report – Statistics to follow.