On 1st January 2021 the way you trade with the EU will change.

Regardless of whether a trade deal with the EU is reached, new customs arrangements will mean you will need to make customs declarations to import and export goods once the UK is outside of the EU’s customs territory.

We are here to help.

The Institute offers a range of one-day training courses to help you prepare for the changes ahead. Businesses can currently claim grant funding to cover the cost of this training, although funds are running out rapidly.

Step by Step guidance on completing Customs Declarations

Customs Procedures and Documentation

Customs Classification and Tariff Codes

Understanding Rules of Origin, Free Trade Agreement and Export Preference

Introduction to Exporting

Introduction to Importing

Advanced Exporting

Advanced Importing

Post Brexit Documentation and Compliance

If you are concerned about being prepared, our consultancy packages offer practical and tailored business support. You can choose from a 10 or 30 minute Surgery call with one of our experts, to a full day Readiness Healthcheck, to make sure you are ready for the changes ahead.