Our local Registered Charity Amateur Boxing Club, GATOR ABC has requested to ask local businesses here on the Estate for Sponsorship, to secure its long term future and to continue to provide a nurturing and disciplined environment for kids and young adults alike.



Keith Markham and his team of highly qualified boxing coaches have run Gator ABC since 1980. Gator has produced both male and female ABA national champions and has seen it’s members representing England at an international level.

Boxing brings with it many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Through quality training and a healthy lifestyle the kids at Gator grow into well-rounded individuals.

The club has been serving the local community for 60 years. Kids and adults alike find motivation and reward in their training and learn the value of hard work and dedication. Boxing training has been synonymous with words like “grit”, “determination”, “commitment” and “dedication” for decades and the character building qualities of the sport are well known. Through the discipline of boxing training, boys and girls learn self-control, self-confidence and respect for others as well as themselves.

  • Voluntary, non for profit community project
  • Based in Fowler Road for the past 8 years.
  • For local community all year round
  • Registered Charity |(no. 1131616)


Keith is looking for local companies to sponsor GATOR ABC, with donations however large or small at a level that could be offset against corporation tax.

They hope that for a small monthly sponsorships from companies and that they would become a long term partners of GATOR ABC.

If you or your company would like to Sponsor GATOR ABC to secure its long term future and to provide the local community a place to train, get motivation and disicpline, in a time when crime, violence, vandalism and delinquency are of such heightened concern amongst the youth of Britain, regular training in a social environment offers an alternative for kids otherwise tempted by less productive activities, please contact:


Keith Markham: 07802 936432
email: keith-markham@talktalk.net

and for more information on the great work Keith and his volunteers do at GATOR ABC, visit: http://www.gatorabc.co.uk/


Thank you for your support…