(on behalf of:- Ieva Aliejunaite BSc, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Forest Ranger)

Hi there,

I am the volunteer coordinator in Hainault Forest, and we were wondering if some of the business across the road would like to do some Forest Cleans or take part in some corporate volunteering in the coming few months. 

It is a great way engage the workforce, a team bonding excerise, positive impact on the environment as well as creating a new partnership with our neighbours. 

I am aware that there are a lot of businesses in operation, so I thought I’d message you to just pass the message along to anyone that might be interested. 

Volunteering would primarily include group litter picking, painting, clearance, and habitat creation. 

Please let me know if you would be interested in this opportunity. 

Best wishes,

Ieva Aliejunaite 


Ieva Aliejunaite BSc (She/her)  

Volunteer Coordinator, Community Forest Ranger  

Vision – Redbridge Culture & Leisure  

Mob: 07443 779243

Email: ieva.aliejunaite@visionrcl.org.uk  

Hainault Forest Country Park, IG7 4QN  


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