Dear Member,

We have been informed this morning that due to complications the work due to start on the park this week has now been put back until mid October.

Once we have any more information regarding this work starting we will inform you by email .

Should you have any questions relating to the works then please contact ThamesWater directly.

Contact Michelle Hylton 07973 936519

ThamesWater should also send you a letter confirming a new date it is their responsibility to do this as this major maintenance work will affect the whole park over several months.

The original works were due to start as follows:

Roebuck Road – Wednesday 1st August until Wednesday 29th August

Fowler Road – Tuesday 28th August until Monday 8th October

Beaver Road – Tuesday 2nd October until Monday 15th October

Peregrine Road – Tuesday 16th October until Monday 29th October

Forest Road – Tuesday 30th October until Wednesday 14th November

Romford Road – Thursday 15th November until Friday 30th November