Founded in 1993, SmartWater Technology Ltd redefined the security sector by first inventing the concept of ‘Forensic marking’. Since then SmartWater® has become the UK’s leading provider of forensic traceable liquids.

Invented by former West Midlands Police officer Phil Cleary and his Chartered Chemist brother Mike Cleary, SmartWater was originally conceived with Police use in mind and with a simple vision – to create a powerful deterrent to crime that could be used by householders and businesses alike.

We recognised the need for increased protection and the need to create a deterrent tom thieves operating in the area and we were impressed on the success rates Smartwater boasted in other areas in a reduction of crime.

You should have, by now, received your FREE Smartwater pack, with registration form, instructions and a Smartwater applicator, we urge you to fill out and return the registration for as soon as possible, as without registration the Smartwater process is useless, as it links the fluid with your address, and can then be used to trace any stolen items from your premises – back to its rightful owner if found.

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