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ZOOM Meeting Tuesday 30th March @ 9:30am


We now have a timetable for our way out of lockdown and although things will still be tough for the foreseeable future, we do have the ability to rejuvenate our businesses and in turn the economy.

The way business is undertaken has probably changed forever and more and more things are moving “on-line”.  


With this in mind, the first of our three speakers this month is Renee Wallen who will be helping to guide us through the maze of social media marketing on Instagram and Linkedin, so that we can present our businesses in the best way possible to gain maximum results.

We also have Kiran Shah talking about pensions & Investments through the current pandemic and Mark West, Station Manager of Redbridge Radio

As usual we will have online networking with a 60 second slot to introduce yourself and tell us what you are looking for, Q & A’s of presenter and members/guests can raise questions or subjects for discussion amongst the attendees.  There is a wealth of practical experience among Chamber members, so in addition to the normal asking for business, do not be shy in asking for help if it is required.  

I hope to see you on Tuesday

Kind regards

Michael Pritchett

Redbridge Chamber of Commerce

T: 020 8270 9806