In light of recent events you have probably seen on the News regarding the NHS being brought to a standstill due to Ransomware self-installing on PC’s and following on from our recent network event an presentation on Financial Crime, Fraud & Cybercrime Prevention with DC J Giddens of the Metropolitan Police, HBP are considering running workshops covering Cybercrime, the workshops will cover:

  • Cyber Security Basics are your systems protected.
  • Protecting IT Systems – explores the IT systems you use and how to assist you strengthen those creating robust defences against cyber threats.
  • Be Cyber Aware – No amount of planning or accumulation of digital systems can beat human interaction and intervention. This will help you reinforce the need to increase cyber awareness and best practice both internally and externally.
  • Advice on suitable protective software + more.

The workshops would be held on the Business Park.

Initially we are asking for you to confirm you would be interested in attending, please send to using the subject ‘Cyber Crime Workshops’ (maximum 2 per company).

Can we also remind you that if you are still not on our emailing list, to drop a line to hbp@hainaultbusinesspark to inform us, we can then add you to the e-mailing list, and if you would like your company to be listed on the Hainault Business Park Website free of charge, download the form from