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HBP Monthly Quiz

June 2017

Question 1
Since its inception 5 players have scored 5 goals in a Premier League match – Sergio Aguero, Jermain De Foe, Alan Shearer, Andy Cole &…?

Question 2
Which dance favourite became Kylie’s first UK million-seller?

Question 3
In which decade did the BBC begin TV broadcasting service?

Question 4
What was the real name of the actor Chico Marx ?

Question 5
Katharine Hepburn currently holds the record for the most Oscar wins for an Actor – how many?

Question 6
Who played Elizabeth Bennet in the Pride & Prejudice film (2005)?

Question 7
What do wel call what the Germans call “Strumpfhose”?

Question 8
In which country did David Coulthard win his first FI Grand Prix?

Question 9
In “My Family” what is father Ben’s profession?

Question 10
In the Bible, which book immediately follows St John’s Gospel?