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HBP Monthly Quiz

December 2018

Question 1
1. Last weekend Liverpool & Everton contested the Merseyside Derby for the 232rd time – when was the first meeting

Question 2
2. The two longest serving British monarchs are Elizabeth & Victoria – but who was the first undisputed Queen of England?

Question 3
3. Tiger Woods has won 14 major golfing championships – he is behind only Jack Nicklaus who has won?

Question 4
4. Which local towns name in Old English meant ‘wood belonging to a religious community’?

Question 5
5. Legend has it that Sir Walter Rayleigh bought the potato from the new world but history indicates it was bought to Europe before then – to which country?

Question 6
6. Gin Greek Mythology Zeus was the son of?

Question 7
7.National Westminster Bank was formed from the merger of National Provincial Bank, Westminster Bank & District Bank in 1970 – its earliest origins were on the foundation of Smiths Bank of Nottingham in….?

Question 8
8. Where on the human body is the muscle - occipitofrontalis?

Question 9
9. On 2 December 1908 Pu Yi was crowned Emperor of China (he was the last Emperor of China) – he died in 1967 as a prisoner of the Red Guards – how old was he when he became Emporer?

Question 10
10. Fenek is the National Dish of Malta – stewed……………?


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