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HBP Monthly Quiz

March 2018

Question 1
1. Which of the Armed forces is also known as the ‘Senior Service’?

Question 2
2. Leo Messi recently reached a goals landmark – how many first team goals has he scored for Barcelona & Argentina?

Question 3
3. When did Sandie Shaw win the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘puppet on a string’?

Question 4
4. Nostradamus is known for ….?

Question 5
5. What is the longest river in France?

Question 6
6. After Adam, Eve, Cain & Abel who was the next person mentioned in the Bible?

Question 7
7. In which Ocean is Madagascar?

Question 8
8. Which Planet is said to influence the way we communicate (via Satellite)?

Question 9
9. With which Baseball team did Joe Di Maggio achieve iconic status in the 1940’s?

Question 10
10. Which meat dish is Cumberland famous for?