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HBP Monthly Quiz

September 2017

Question 1
1. The First football World Cup was in 1930, in which country?

Question 2
2. The first Rugby World Cup was in 1987, in which country?

Question 3
3. When was Hyde Park opened to the Public?

Question 4
4. Whom did the Simpsons replace as TVs longest running cartoon in 1997?

Question 5
5. Which wife gave Henry VIII the sons he wished for?

Question 6
6. In the cartoon strip Peanuts, what is Snoopy’s brother called?

Question 7
7. Which George Michael No 1 begins with the lyrics “Kindness in your eyes”?

Question 8
8. In which country did Michael Schumacher win his first FI Grand Prix?

Question 9
9. Manchester United won the European Cup in 1968, who did they beat in the Semi Finals?

Question 10
10. When did the Central London Railway (Central Line) open?