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HBP Monthly Quiz

May 2018

Question 1
1. In which part of London did Charlie Chaplin spend his early life?

Question 2
2. Who was the voice of Lady Campanula Tottington in “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”?

Question 3
3. WCT Dobson is credited in the 1840s with sending the first what?

Question 4
4. What was first produced by Henry D Perky of Denver in 1893?

Question 5
5. In which cathedral were the first Anglican women in Britain ordained?

Question 6
6. In which state in the US is the city of Albuquerque?

Question 7
7. Which is the older of the 3 main supermarkets?

Question 8
8. Romford bot Steve David won the Snooker World Championship on 6 occasions, how many times did he lose in the final?

Question 9
9. The Stanley Cup is the premier trophy in Ice Hockey, which team, with 24 wins, has won it the most?

Question 10
10. On 22nd of September 1996 Arsene Wenger was appointed Manager of Arsenal FC – he will leave the club at the end of this season – in that time how many Managers have Tottenham Hotspurs FC (their nearest rivals) had?