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HBP Monthly Quiz

July 2018

We are currently in the midst of the Football World Cup so that will be the theme for this month.

Question 1
1. Who was won the most World Cups?

Question 2
2. Who won the first world cup in 1930?

Question 3
3. Who is he current highest goal scorer in world cup tournaments?

Question 4
4. Which team has been runner up on the most occasions?

Question 5
5. 6 countries have hosted the World Cup twice – Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico & Germany are 5, who is the 6th ?

Question 6
6. The biggest attendance for a final was 199,854 was that in?

Question 7
7. Who holds the record for the most goals in one tournament?

Question 8
8. England’s top goal scorer in World Cup finals is?

Question 9
9. England have had many ‘golden generations’ that have failed to deliver a world cup. The most famous bad result was a loss to the United States but in which year?

Question 10
10. On 5 occasions winners have had the shame of being knocked out in the first round of the next tournament – 1 country has done that twice, who is that?