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HBP Monthly Quiz

October 2018

Question 1
1. In Formula One Motor Racing which driver has started the most races (322)?

Question 2
2. The film “A Star is Born” starring Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga has just been released – when was the original version made?

Question 3
3. In the Ryder Cup one man holds the joint record for youngest debut & most points, that is...?

Question 4
4.West Ham United were formed in 1895 as Thames Ironworks – which player holds the record for the most games for the club?

Question 5
5. In July 1969 the Eagle landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin took the first human steps on the moon – who was the 3rd member of the team who did not go on to the Moon?

Question 6
6. In which state in the US is the city of Pittsburgh?

Question 7
7. George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr is probably the most famous Baseball player in the world – who did the New York Yankees sign him from?

Question 8
8. Jean-Michel Jarre is a French musician known for playing large scale outdoor concerts. At least 3 of those have had crowds of over 1 million people – where was his biggest (at 3.5m people)?

Question 9
9. U2’s 360 Tour between 2009-11 is the highest grossing tour ever, with takings of … ?

Question 10
10. In 1860 what was discovered at Ilford High Road (site where Boots the Chemist now is)?


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